Accurate financial appraisal of your scheme is vital to ensure best outcome whilst meeting local housing needs.


Viability by tenure, dwelling and scheme. NPV and long-term cashflow displayed instantly.


Assess land values and gross profit with minimal information.


Achieving best value is essential for your organisation. You must demonstrate continuous improvement and show how you compare with your peers.


Measure performance with online scheme reports. Annual written report indicates progress against a variety of Key Performance Indicators.


Social Housing landlords in today’s market must understand the economic value of their properties.

Stock Profiler

Analyse your entire portfolio to see which units are most valuable and which need to be considered for a change of tenure or sale.

SDS Asset Consultancy is an Active Asset Management and Asset Consulting Service that thrives on the latest systems and processes to generate value for social housing customers.

Born out of SDS, the UK’s leading vendor of project appraisal, control and profiling software, we use our industry expertise and knowledge to replicate our past success into success for our customers.

Our meaning of Active Asset Management is using good business intelligence to understand your current stock performance that helps plan for future investment and asset disposal, to make better use of capital as part of an integrated asset and business planning solution. Overall, Active Asset Management drives value from your stock.

The SDS Asset Consultancy team is able to assist Boards, Executive and Asset Teams with developing their approach to Active Asset Management by identifying the next steps and opportunities available to the organisation.

Our consultants can work with you to jointly develop the strategy, policy and action plans, or can augment the Asset team to deliver the outputs directly.

Additionally, SDS Asset Consultancy will be able to discuss with you what further steps could be taken to improve the visibility of stock performance within the business. For example, we can develop an active management approach to ensure the right decisions regarding void management, stock investment or disposals are made at the right time to achieve the aims of the Strategic Asset Management Plan and Business Planning assumptions regarding investment and disposals.

Our team are always keen to work with our customers find better, smarter ways of delivering asset management. We pride ourselves on our customer’s satisfaction by delivering the best solutions in a cost effective and timely manner.

SDS Asset Consultancy has the skills, experience and track record to assist with strategy development, programme, policy and delivery of:

  • Active asset management
  • Strategic asset management plan
  • Position statement
  • Strategic portfolio management
  • Property option appraisals
  • Strategic disposals and investment
  • Integrated voids management process
  • Scenario Planning using SDS Stock Profiler, to link strategic drivers with outputs
  • Using your business intelligence to make the right decision at the right time
  • Data quality analysis and actions to cleanse
  • Business assurance and the effective implementation of management controls
  • Briefing pack and preparation for Executive meeting for the new policy and process
  • Training and implementation of SDS Stock Profiler

SDS Asset Consultancy would be glad to submit a proposal to further assist your development and implementation of active asset management. Our consultants can work with you to jointly develop your strategy.

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