About Us

We are a friendly, creative, problem-solving company with an impressive track record of expertise in housing development solutions.

Helping you build affordable homes

SDS help you maximise the development, sale and management of affordable homes.


Our software is created by social housing experts who have been in your shoes. We want you to have greater control and visibility so you can make informed decisions and be the hero in your organisation.

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Software and Consultancy

Our robust software and in house experts are here to help you at every stage of the development, sale and asset management process, including TAP certified trainers to make sure your teams use the software fully.


Enjoy the benefits of digital transformation by avoiding mistakes, while meeting audit and compliance guidelines with software which integrates.

We keep up with the latest technologies

As part of our R&D effort, we make time to build prototype apps in new technologies. This investment enables us to determine appropriate coding usage, how efficiently they work and especially how fast they are to use.


This has allowed us to ensure we keep up with the latest technology developments, and continue creating innovative software for the social housing sector.