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Case Study

Jonathan Thornton – Housing Development Manager

Bournemouth Christchurch Poole Council is committed to the delivery of social housing solutions whilst ensuring that resources are used efficiently and effectively. Continued budget pressures dictate the need to evolve the current development process, improving visibility for stakeholders, managing risk and improving efficiency.

Our innovative approach ensures we respond dynamically to change and challenges along the way, which is why we upgraded to ProVal LS.

The council’s strategic focus is to create multi tenure developments for diverse communities, this increases the complexity and higher density developments on each site.

Our relationship with SDS


We have trusted ProVal XL, and the team behind it, for many years to support us in appraising all new build, purchase and repair schemes, ensuring each is financially viable so the decision to upgrade to ProVal LS was easy.

Our development team use ProVal heavily, and due to the success we have enjoyed, we plan on extending its use to include our finance team who will also benefit greatly by modelling how any strategic changes could affect each scheme.

Getting to grips with ProVal LS


We were immediately impressed with the speed at which we could appraise schemes. Getting to grips with the software came easily with use. The familiarity of the software also comes easy with use. As a local authority, the KPI focus is the cumulative cash flow remaining positive from year 1.



Initially, we had concerns over how long it takes for new team members to get used to ProVal LS. This depends on whether they have used ProVal XL previously, but new staff members can get up to speed swiftly with the training SDS offers, possibly only requiring checking of the appraisal by senior staff.

The annual support inspires confidence with efficient, friendly help just a phone call or email away.



ProVal XL helped us in many ways, and we have now rolled out ProVal LS to our affordable and commercial development teams so that there is continuity in the systems used.  This will assist the teams working together and in providing support to each other when required.

Since we got ProVal LS everything is so much easier, and the process appears to run faster!



Our favourite aspect if ProVal LS is that standard house types for each tenure can be set up as defaults, which enables us to drag and drop this information into an appraisal, making appraisals so much quicker.


Although we have had some technical difficulties, they were easily resolved using SDS support. Their experienced quick and accurate responses resolved our issues and gave good advice in appraisals. 

Future Goals


Even with the help of ProVal LS, our biggest problem is the increasing build costs and the decreasing availability of land in our operating area.

One of our future plans is to get planning applications submitted for several schemes whilst tendering several others.  

ProVal LS is the core of our internal systems for scheme approval at whatever development stage a scheme is at.

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Bought ProValMarch 2018


Number of ProVal users: 6

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