Cobalt Housing

Case Study

Audrey Gaffney – Growth Manager

Cobalt Housing is a registered Housing Association based in North Liverpool which was established in 2003. They manage around 6000 affordable homes in the Fazakerley & Sparrow Hall, Croxteth, and Norris Green areas of North Liverpool. As the majority landlord in this area, they are committed to providing high quality places to live in and offering support to those in the community who need it. They are engaged in a range of economic, neighbourhood, and community regeneration projects to help fulfil these goals and currently have ten staff using SDS ProVal and six SDS Sequel users. 


“I have found ProVal to be very easy to use since moving over to Cobalt Homes. One of its best qualities is how much detail it provides us as an organisation. We use ProVal and Sequel for appraisals and project management, so the detail they provide allows us to see a true picture of our future development plans. 


The appraisals in particular are organised logically to make them clear and intuitive to use. The NPV functions are key. If the debt gaps are too far into the negative we know that the scheme is not viable without wasting our money. The summaries built into the software are also great and very helpful.


When we have new people join the business, SDS offers training for these staff members. This training is informative and engaging, giving them all the skills they need to use ProVal effectively. It is a great asset to our business to have well trained staff who understand the software we are using. 


Our industry is facing significant challenges moving forward. With continuing economic uncertainty, it is difficult to predict future housing trends and to secure planning for new housing. The costs of builds are constantly fluctuating, but ProVal is flexible to these changes and helps us to evaluate the viability of future housing projects.”

Category: Housing Association


Bought ProVal & Sequel:

April 2020


Number of ProVal users: 10


Number of Sequel users: 6

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