Cottsway Housing Association

eLearning Case Study

Tina Proctor – Development Officer

Formed in 2001, Cottsway Housing Association provides almost 5,000 homes for rent and shared ownership for over 10,000 customers. Their homes are based in West Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire, and range from flats and bungalows to family homes. 

Tina Proctor, one of Cottsway’s Development Officers, tells us about her experience using SDS eLearning.

“I had never used Sequel before. As a complete beginner, I found this e-learning course was perfect for me. It started with the basics and developed my knowledge week-by-week. My perception of Sequel has changed substantially – from simply understanding what the system can do, to putting it to good use in the workplace. I have also learnt how to adapt the information and use the system to best suit my job requirements.

 “I now feel confident in using Sequel in my day-to-day role. Currently Cottsway don’t use all the aspects of the system, but the training allowed me to see how different areas could be utilised and has sparked my imagination on how we may be able to benefit from using Sequel more in the future.

 “The course provided just the information I needed and far exceeded my hopes. Kat, the SDS trainer was great. She explained each session clearly, made time for questions and allowed us to stop and ask her for more information as the sessions went along. If I didn’t understand anything, she happily helped me until it was clear. Each session was followed up with an assessment. This highlighted where I had gone wrong or had misunderstood something, and ensured I was learning, even from my mistakes!

 “What I liked most about the e-learning course was that it is easily accessible – you didn’t need to travel or incur additional time or expense to attend. It was also very interactive and engaging. I would score this course 10/10 and look forward to attending other SDS eLearning courses in the future. I would definitely recommend them to a friend or colleague.”

Category: Housing Association


Attended eLearning: March 2020


Number of ProVal users: 8


Number of Sequel users: 8

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