Freebridge Community Housing

eLearning Case Study

Laura Handford – Head of Service for New Homes

Freebridge Community Housing is the largest provider of housing in West Norfolk, set up in 2006 to receive the transfer of homes from the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. Today, Freebridge Community Housing own and manage around 6,800 homes across West Norfolk, and work tirelessly to bring homes up to the Decent Homes Standard. As a large-scale Voluntary Transfer Housing Association, Freebridge Community Housing has appeared on the Times Top 100 not-for-profit list three years in a row. Laura Handford is the Head of Service for new homes, and attended eLearning training in March and April of 2022. 


“I had been using ProVal for some time, so I was familiar with the program, but the training proved to be invaluable. Becky, our trainer, took the time to find out what we needed as an organisation and tailored the training to these issues. This thoughtful approach meant that Becky provided training that was relevant to us as a company, and extremely helpful moving forward. There isn’t anything I feel that could have improved our experience of this training.

The training itself was interactive, both with the trainer and ProVal, making it engaging and enjoyable. I feel that our team gained a lot from this approach. Becky covered all of the topics we were expecting when we registered for this training. My understanding of the basics was refreshed, and I also learnt some new shortcuts for using the software. Becky was helpful in explaining some of the newer elements of the program as well. I feel confident that our team now has the skills to use ProVal efficiently moving forward. 


Since the ProVal training, SDS has been very supportive, and I have received quick and helpful emails from the support team. I am feeling confident about attending the Sequel training later this year. I would highly recommend this training to other colleagues and friends.”

Category: Housing Association


Attended eLearning: March 2022


Number of ProVal users: 6


Number of Sequel users: 6


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