Simplifying and automating the various administrative tasks in the sales process

  • Configure workflow to your organisation's needs

  • Create template documents for each process step

  • Track sales process against your milestones

  • Store all sales documentation in the workflow

  • The on-screen dashboard gives a live status overview of the entire portfolio, identifying overdue tasks

  • Users can drill into individual transactions from the dashboard

  • SDS Sequel users can access the live status of property transactions to provide management reports

Affordability calculator.jpg

Affordability Calculator

Homes England Sustainability Calculator methodology is embedded and is used to access the affordability of all the properties in the database against any given application.

Sales teams can easily modify calculator inputs at any point in the sales process, such as equity share, deposit, mortgage interest rate and term etc.


This enables the sales team to offer a suitable package to the customer and update it should circumstances change.


Results of the calculator will be sorted in the workflow and can be accessed at any time.

For more info on the HomeMatch's use of the Homes England calculator, click here.

Housing Applications

HomeMatch provides a single managed place where you can keep the details of all your prospective purchasers. This can be populated by importing a Help to Buy Agents list of prospective purchasers, or by using the client configured online application form.


All information relevant to the sales process is contained in HomeMatch. This allows sales staff to give real-time information to customers, not just about the properties available, but also the status of the sale. No more time wasted searching emails, files, and databases to gather the required information. Everything you need from initial enquiry to transacting the sale is in HomeMatch.

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HomeMatch allows you to upload marketing collateral for use in the sales process. This enables you to target your campaigns to only those individuals who meet the affordability criteria.


HomeMatch will provide you with a list of applications which meet the affordability threshold for any given property. The bulk email function can be used to send either all or a selection of those people the marketing materials.


Alternatively, an applicant can be automatically sent all or a selection of marketing information for all affordable properties.

SDS Sequel Integration

Although SDS HomeMatch can be used as a ‘stand-alone’ tool, productivity gains can be further leveraged through its integration with SDS Sequel (project management). When a new development is entered into Sequel, HomeMatch is automatically populated with the data it needs.


Furthermore, common data is dynamically updated through either of the two products. For example, if the final sale of a property results is a different equity share than originally planned, HomeMatch can update Sequel automatically with the new equity share along with the associated sales value, rent income, sales completion date, etc.

SDS Sequel integration.jpg

Save time and streamline your sales process with HomeMatch

  • What the development process involves.

  • The key questions you should be asking as part of the delivery process.

  • Whether a housing development is viable.

  • What should be included in your development strategy, policy, audit and approvals.

  • About how the culture of shared ownership is changing.

  • How to create a marketing plan.

  • What your sales strategy should include.

  • Which mortgage and conveyancing options are there for SO.

  • It’s not over when it’s sold!

  • Upload scheme data and marketing materials

  • Send relevant marketing campaigns to potential customers based on their preference and affordability

  • Track and arrange viewings

Smart Matching
  • Match housing applications and affordable properties using embedded Homes England Calculator

  • Filter results to show properties (including resales) by development or geography (eg by postcode or distance from a location)