Make the right commercial decisions when appraising land values

Land Valuation Software

Your schemes can be appraised quickly with minimal information, or fully analysed for a more detailed view.


Landval’s appendices with default descriptions and costs to save time.

You can create separate appendices of detailed external site costs, build abnormals, site overheads, technical fees and marketing costs.

Each appendix has multiple input options for defining data providing consistency across all appraisals.

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Focusing solely on viability, Landval enables you to optimise dwelling mixes in a clear and concise manner to produce competitive land values.


Your schemes can be appraised quickly with minimum information, or fully analysed for a more detailed view.


Using Landvals stress testing scenarios you can investigate the gearing effect of sales values, increased development costs and how this effects the residual land value and the gross margin for your organisation.

  • What the development process involves.

  • The key questions you should be asking as part of the delivery process.

  • Whether a housing development is viable.

  • What should be included in your development strategy, policy, audit and approvals.

  • About how the culture of shared ownership is changing.

  • How to create a marketing plan.

  • What your sales strategy should include.

  • Which mortgage and conveyancing options are there for SO.

  • It’s not over when it’s sold!

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Development Costs

Development costs can be analysed by:

  • Unit costs

  • External costs

  • Build abnormals

  • Technical fees

  • Marketing costs

  • Land abnormals

  • Acquisition fees

You can define these costs flexibly either as sums, percentages, or in more detail in any of the 5 appendices.


Detailed Sensitivity

Stress test the gearing effect on land cost.

Landval enables you to set up to 4 target profit margins and reports the revised land value to meet them.

Target land value or target gross profit margin can be dictated enabling Landval to report the percentage change in sales values to meet it.

Landval can report a range of alternative land values if a step-change in gross profit margin, sales values and construction costs are defined.