Aareon QL integration with SDS Sequel

Shelton Development Services and Aareon are pleased to announce the release of the integration between SDS Sequel and Aareon QL.

SDS and Aareon are working together to support social housing organisations by automatically transferring property and component information from their SDS Sequel project management software into Aareon QL housing management software. This integration will solve the issue faced by many organisations of how to efficiently migrate new build data to their Housing Management System. Similarly, changes to property components can be pushed from Aereon QL back into Sequel. This means the QL / Sequel data can always be aligned without the need for manual intervention.

Aareon suggest QL customers who have the SDS product and with to avail themselves of the integration contact their Aareon Account Manager to obtain details of this integration, costs and prerequisites, prior to SDS attending their site for integration training.

SDS Sequel users can refer to the Aareon QL Integration Installation Guidelines (links to document below) to correctly configure Sequel’s Global Properties section. This document guides the users through the setup and how to manage the data flow.

Phil Shelton - SDS CEO

“We are pleased to continue to support and reduce our customers’ workload by collaborating with the Aareon QL team to integrate Sequel and QL.”.

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