Active Asset Management

Active Asset Management includes using good business intelligence to understand your current stock performance that helps plan for future investment and asset disposal, to make better use of capital as part of an integrated asset and business planning solution. Overall, Active Asset Management drives value from your stock.

We help our customers achieve this using an iterative KNOW, INVESTIGATE, ACT method to achieve both incremental marginal gains and strategic shifts in implementing an active asset management approach.

For example, we have worked with a customer in the south-west to establish if they really know their stock. We used SDS StockProfiler to profile their asset portfolio at the unit level. A simple review showed the NPV of large tranches of units being exactly the same. SDS investigated further and found significant amounts of cloned 30 year planned major repairs data. We presented the issues back to the customer for the customer to act. The customer reviewed the properties and updated their source data records with recent survey data. Stock Profiler updated its cache with new information and generated an updated asset profile report of their portfolio to show the change in value of the portfolio.

The customer is able to evidence they know their stock and each unit’s value. They can highlight the circa £20 million value the know, investigate and act process has released back to their business plan for potential use in capital investment or social programmes. The customer will continue to profile and get to know their portfolio, investigate and act as required. Overall, they will continue the process to drive value from their stock.

The SDS team is able to assist Boards, Executive and Asset Teams with developing their approach to Active Asset Management by identifying the next steps and opportunities available to the organisation. Our consultants can work with you to jointly develop the strategy, policy and performance based action plans, can augment the Asset team to deliver the outputs directly or supplement your team on an interim basis. We can help solve your Value for Money reporting, Stock Profiling and Operational approaches to strategic asset management and regulatory requirements.

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