Equity Modelling and the Rest

In this webinar Chris Wandel is joined by SDS consultants John Stevens and Andrew Markham, as well as technical manager Paul Kristensen. This panel of experts spend a great deal of time modelling tenure types for customers on ProVal, and will be demonstrating this for our Zoom audience.

John Stevens kicks off this webinar by discussing what developers need to consider when approaching new tenure types. He coined the term “butterfly tenures” to describe tenure types which start out as one thing, and then bloom into something else. For example, ‘Rent to Homebuy’ properties evolve over their lifetime, and developers need to factor this into their appraisals. First Homes are a hot topic across the housing sector at the moment, and John delves into this, outlining the role of LPA in setting sales criteria, how sales prices affect developers, and what housing associations need to consider moving forward.

John recommends that customers explore the page Own Your Homes to find out more information about the different tenure types offered by this government.

After this Andrew, John, and Paul begin equity modelling on ProVal. Andrew offers a wealth of helpful information on how best to utilise the newest ProVal update, and the new single cash flow is explained. As more affordable housing developers are taking a commercial approach to building sites, customers requested a single cash flow within ProVal, and SDS

have delivered on this. By using a single cash flow, ProVal users can scrutinise their cash flows on a monthly, quarterly, and an annual basis, which provides greater revenue transparency. Paul concludes by explaining how ProVal can be utilised when modelling First Home tenures to obtain the greatest NPV on units.

This is Chris Wandel’s last webinar with SDS. We would all like to say a big thank you to Chris for organising these webinars over the last two years, and wish him the best of luck in his new role.

Useful Links: www.ownyourhomes.gov.uk

If you are interested in joining our panel of industry speakers, please contact sheila@s-d-s.co.ukfor more information.


Andrew Markham: Director of Consultancy, SDS

John Stevens: Consultant, SDS

Paul Kristensen: Technical Manager, SDS


Christopher Wandel: New Business Manager, SDS

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