Introducing our SDS YouTube page

Understanding the ins and outs of Social Housing can be hard. So here at SDS we are trying to make this easier with our SDS YouTube page!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our updated SDS YouTube page. This will help you understand who SDS are, what we do and how we can support local authorities and Housing Associations in solving the social housing crisis.

We will be covering all areas of development from Land valuation (SDS LandVal) right through to asset management (SDS StockProfiler). You can see our software in action and how this maximises the development, sale and management of affordable housing in a cost-effective, user-friendly way. Along with insights from current users discussing how our software has benefitted their firms.

By subscribing to our YouTube page, we will be uploading highlights of a busy November and December such as what you can expect from our Best Practice Roadshows and a sneak peek at the StockProfiler User Group.

We will also be adding case study videos, featuring our customers. Such as Simon Theobald from Hackney Borough Council covering the benefits of using ProVal and Sequel. In this particular case study, Simon highlights how using this software has taken them to the next level and supporting their 2017-22 housing strategy. These will help you understand why our software is so highly rated in the sector and why ProVal is the leading financial viability tool used by around 250 social housing providers.

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