Creating a position statement

SDS Asset Consultancy is often requested to assist a new SDS StockProfiler customer with developing their approach to active asset management.

We help Housing Associations to better understand their housing and asset portfolio through the implementation of StockProfiler, the creation of a Net Present Value (NPV), Data Extract and the development of a high-level Position Statement of the asset portfolio.

SDS include the Asset Team in the development and analysis of the initial position statement, along with a further understanding of the key findings. The team are left with the tools to update their data and deliver subsequent analysis, reports and position statements using Stock Profiler.

The scope of work typically includes the following seven stages:

  1. Setup SDS Stock Profiler and the import of internal and external datasets

  2. Develop the scope of the NPV Position Statement

  3. Extract the Position Statement, NPV results and data outputs

  4. Analyse the financial modelling of NPV outputs

  5. Produce the initial Position Statement report

  6. Explore the position statement results

  7. Report internally and establish next steps

The modelling and financial position statement are intended to give insights into the asset portfolio and to inform Value for Money reporting. The Position Statement insights can be used to support the asset management strategy, be it an assessment of the existing approach or the development of a new strategy, all within an increasingly active and strategic approach to asset management.

The SDS meaning of Active Asset Management is about using good business intelligence to understand your current stock performance that helps plan for future investment and asset disposal to make better use of capital as part of an integrated asset and business planning solution. Overall, Active Asset Management is driving value from your stock.

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