Net Zero: the great balancing act

If you missed our webinar on 12th May catch up below to find out:

Why the Queen’s speech on the 10th May 2022 is deeply concerning and Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Levelling Up policy is going to cripple RPs instead of enabling them.

"You are not giving the right people the resources to deliver the outcomes, in my opinion, Michael Gove.”

Duncan Smith, WHG

How Wales and West are improving the quality and standard of their homes with new experimental tenures and technologies.

How ProVal will support modelling carbon emissions: taking a data approach in an automated way.

Chaired by Christopher Wandel, New Business Manager, SDS.


Marcus Blayney Planning, Strategy and Improvement Manager Wales and West Housing

Duncan Smith Commercial Director WHG

Phil Shelton CEO, SDS

Andrew Markham Director of Consultancy, SDS


Christopher Wandel New Business Manager, SDS

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