New Shared Ownership model

Are your schemes viable under the new guidelines? The technical consultation model for Shared Ownership was published in November 2020, proposing to reduce the minimum initial share from 25% to 10%.

Our previous webinar on the 27th of January saw Christopher Wandel and SDS viability expert Andrew Markham take you through how to model the impact of these different scenarios using ProVal.

This webinar delved into the key viability measures that will change as a result of adjusting the equity share on your development schemes.

Sales & Marketing Workshop

Our Workshops to introduce you to Shared Ownership and to write your own Sales Policy.

Assess your resources for successful Sales & Marketing, taking into account:

  • Regulation & governance

  • Market appraisals

  • Sales & marketing management toolkit

  • SDS HomeMatch

  • Branding Do's and Don'ts

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