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New Shared Ownership Model

The outcome of the November 2020 consultation on the New Shared Ownership model is highly anticipated. Details are expected in the 2021-2026 Affordable Housing programme bid guidance.

However, we were unable to receive more information before the 24th of February. Instead, Andrew Markham modelled several different scheme scenarios including:

- S106 - Land led schemes - Completing a residual land value in ProVal

Hopefully, it will be published in the near future and we’ll be able to provide you the reaction from Greg Warner-Harris and we will be interested to hear your views.


Andrew Markham

Andrew’s experience lies in both the affordable and private housing sectors. His expertise focuses on financial viability and project management.

Greg Warner-Harris

Greg has a wealth of Sales and Marketing experience in the affordable housing sector and has bought over 2000 New-Build Shared Ownership, Open Market and intermediate purchase products to market.

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