Keeping up to date with Planning Reform

If you missed our webinar on 24th June, catch up below to find out more: We were joined by Jonathan Walters, Deputy Chief Executive at the Regulator of Social Housing.

Having previously been at Ernst and Young and working in social housing consultancy, Jonathan has been at the Regulator since 2004. He has worked across the organisation and has extensive experience in dealing with funders, government and Registered Providers.

With Michael Gove's levelling up department now in place, there is considerable interest in revisiting planning and how it could affect the sector.

Jonathan tells us about how the pandemic affected the social housing sector, seeing supply drop off, and market-facing tenures scale back. He then discusses how, post-pandemic, interest is largely focused on building rented and shared ownership.

But how can these be financed? Housing associations may have to take on more debt, or review other finance delivery methods.

With rising inflation, existing rent increases, and the energy crisis, businesses are at risk of losing the ability to provide supply. Given the state of public finance, will the government do something again which will benefit Housing Associations, as in the 1990s? The treasury will likely want to intervene, but Jonathan warns that we could see casualties in the sector before the cavalry arrive.

Jonathan also discusses the potential for improvement of existing stock, as well as regeneration. He also advises that if the government are motivated by anything, it will be carbon zero. Chaired by Christopher Wandel, New Business Manager, SDS.

Speaker: Jonathan Walters Deputy Chief Executive, Regulator of Social Housing Host: Christopher Wandel New Business Manager, SDS If you are interested in joining our panel of industry speakers, please contact for more information.

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