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SDS is thrilled to announce we have launched e-learning for ProVal LS and Sequel, to train our clients on the administration and end-user areas of our software packages.

This means we can provide the full training curriculum delivered through a live online GoToTraining package.

Just like face to face classroom training, you can still raise your hand when you need to ask a question.

The training is very interactive with a chance to participate in discussions, completing exercises and hands-on experience using the software. Users will experience the software in a virtual classroom where they will quickly learn how to navigate the systems and best practice methods to complete projects and appraisals.

There are numerous benefits to e-learning:

  • Learners find online courses are easier to concentrate in because they are not distracted by other delegates and classroom activity.

  • Training sessions are broken down into “bite-size” sessions which means training is more focused and learner can absorb and retain more information.

  • The flexibility of e-learning courses allows you to learn when it’s optimal. People are busy, especially working in development and our eLearning courses allow you to spread the training over a few session rather than taking whole days out of your schedule.

  • Organisations can save travel time and costs, make it easier for colleagues in different locations to attend the same training sessions.

  • Each session is recorded and learners have the opportunity to revisit the session after the training to review anything they might want to see again.

  • Rather than completing activities in a classroom, learners will have the opportunity to break out into their own “virtual classroom” to participate in activities.

We are taking bookings now for:

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