User Group Meeting 2022

Updated: Jul 9

Here at SDS, we hosted our first hybrid User Group Meeting (UGM) on June 29th. We met with our customers in Manchester, and many more joined us on Zoom, to listen to our CEO Phil Shelton discuss a number of the changes taking place within the business, as well as new and exciting software developments. Most notably, Phil introduced the new SDS Cloud to customers and gave a demonstration of the new LandVal cloud software. These meetings allow our customers to ask questions about the software and the developments happening within SDS, as well as to network with other professionals within the housing sector.

If you would like a copy of the presentation slides, please email our Customer Service Manager, Tippy Riches.

Our Mission Statement:

Over the past year, we have updated our mission statement: we are driven to maximise the development, sale, and management of sustainable, affordable homes through high-quality software, excellent customer support and expert knowledge of our sector. We are therefore dedicated to upholding this mission statement through our market-leading software. The four products we are investing in now are LandVal, for appraising land values, ProVal, for complete financial viability, Sequel, for effective project management, and HomeMatch, for automating the sales process. Moving forward, we are working hard to make it possible for these four products to communicate with each other more effectively. This involves an integration system called Open API, which will connect not only our software, but also allow other third-party programs you may be using to integrate with SDS software, thereby increasing the efficiency of your company.

Changes in how we are working:

As SDS continues to grow and expand we have adapted a number of our working practices to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service. Most of our staff have been working from home since the beginning of 2020, all departments meet weekly to discuss ongoing projects and to ensure that each team is receiving the support they need. We believe this also encourages an open flow of communication throughout the business.

Following the success of our Open eLearning courses which we launched back in 2019 we were able to quickly adapt to delivering all our training remotely in 2020. SDS has continued to deliver high quality bespoke training to customers online with excellent feedback received from our clients. Our Open eLearning courses continue to run every Monday and are designed to help get your new starters up and running with ProVal or Sequel or a refresher for those already using the system.

Changes for our customers:

We have changed how we are supporting customers through the process of purchasing software, and training post-installation. Previously, a customer would move through the various stages of the purchase with the relevant members of each department. To receive additional support, customers would book onto one of our training programs, or contact our customer support team. Moving forward, however, each company will have a key contact within SDS who will manage their account and guide them through the purchase. In addition to this key contact, Tippy Riches and Georgina Reynolds, our new customer service team, will regularly check-in with customers to ensure that they are satisfied with the software.

Our training department is also in the process of developing a new and improved online eLearning experience for our customers. Using Adobe software, we are creating an online training course for ProVal and Sequel which will enable customers to complete self-led training modules. Our training team will still be on hand to offer support, but this new approach will allow businesses to increase the number of staff who can complete our training courses, and easily enrol new staff onto the relevant training modules.

We are also improving our software testing to ensure that customers are using the best version of each product at all times. The software testing team has expanded and is closely involved in the development of the SDS Cloud. By designing these new programs with software testing at its core, all elements can be individually tested before being rolled out to customers. It is a more efficient way of working and improves the quality of the software available to our customers.

Changes to our software:

We are continuously listening to and responding to the needs of our customers. As businesses become more automated, there are greater demands on the software being used. We are committed to improving and adapting our software to fulfil these tasks and to enable our customers to do what they do best: deliver sustainable, affording housing. Part of this mission will be the release of the SDS Cloud. This is an exciting new development for SDS, which will move our software online making it more responsive for housing developers, and easier for IT departments to manage.

Our core software will continue to be updated and improved while we roll out the SDS Cloud. To find out more about the cloud, and the improvements being released this year and beyond, please email or call sales on 01483 278444.

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