Your housing stock is at the heart of your organisation

StockProfiler provides easy access to powerful insights that let you take control of your portfolio, unlock value, cut out the bad properties and invest in the good, to maximise your business.

An organisation’s housing stock is its core asset providing the collateral to borrow against for new development and regeneration, alongside the regular rental income from tenants.

So, it makes sense to manage this resource with laser precision from across your internal data sources including housing and maintenance systems to external social and geographic indices to name but a few.

StockProfiler is an active asset management system that ranks your housing stock to reflect key performance indicators based on your data, including Net Present Value (NPV) calculations for each individual rental unit, planned major repairs, and many more categories so you know the exact performance of your assets.

As part of the process, SDS StockProfiler will enable you to quickly aggregate and automatically consolidate across data sources, no more manual spreadsheet vlookups required. StockProfiler can then slice and dice your data into manageable chunks thus helping to identify dirty data, create priorities and provide powerful insights to help improve value.

Simply put, knowing your assets will show you exactly where and how to impact and optimise the financial health of the entire organisation in a relatively short amount of time.

An example illustration of a Value for Money (invest to save) business case of investing in StockProfiler on a 30,000 unit Housing Association, delivers total savings of £1,450,000 in the worked example available from the SDS team.

To help you achieve this SDS StockProfiler is an active asset management system used to deliver portfolio asset management as part of a property holding organisation’s asset strategy.

StockProfiler calculates the Net Present Value (NPV) of each individual rental unit of a property portfolio, using unit level income and expenditure cash flows. The user can view the portfolio using a suite of reports and carry out scenario testing.

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