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Reach financial viability decisions. Fast.

ProVal is the leading financial viability software for social housing providers in the UK. We help over 250 providers to save time, streamline their workflow and reach accurate financial viability decisions, fast.

What sets us apart? We’ve been in your shoes. Our software is developed and managed by social housing experts with years of experience in property development appraisal and finance for the affordable homes sector. That means every detail has been designed with you in mind. 

Automate your admin, gain control of your data and boost visibility on one easy-to-use platform. 


Discover our intelligent financial viability tools

Forecast NPV, IRR and long-term development appraisal cash flow and produce robust, auditable results. 

Our software has the power to transform your workflow, and make creating appraisals and meeting compliance guidelines for financial viability simple.


Get the results of your development appraisal and view the overall cost of every scheme.

  • View long-term cash flow up to 100 years

  • Allocate costs by tenure type

  • Adapt costs by floor area, unit, bedrooms and number of people

  • View a summary of costs for each product type

  • View reports of subsidy, viable outturn and residual land value for each unit to assist with mix optimisation 

Appraisal Creation Tool

Create mixed tenure appraisals for schemes of any size and dwelling type.

  • Add different tenure types to the same appraisal, no need to appraise separately

  • Discover the key income drivers that make your scheme work

  • Drop dwellings from your library straight into the appraisal for fast results

  • Appraise in one go. No scheme is too big or too diverse

  • Include an unlimited number of mixed tenures in the same appraisal

  • Viability results are shown for each individual dwelling type

Sensitivity Calculator

Conduct sensitivity testing for every appraisal using default scenarios.

  • Set up your own default scenarios to conduct quick sensitivity testing again and again

  • Speed up the sensitivity testing process

  • Produce accurate sensitivity reports in one click, straight from the point of data entry

  • Save data from all tests

  • Provide detailed evidence of your financial viability checks during audits


Produce reports automatically and eliminate time-consuming admin and double data entry.

  • Automatic reporting from your property development appraisal and finance data

  • Create bespoke reports

  • Export Excel, Word and PDF

  • Run reports on any information in your database

Appraisal Hub

View all your appraisals in one place and get quick-access previews of each scheme.

  • Organise development appraisals in the project tree

  • Clearly view project results in a summary panel tailored to you

Create a workflow that makes sense

Still using spreadsheets? Our software can free you from the time-consuming admin involved with development appraisal cash flow analysis. 

  • Input, store and access all the data for each appraisal in one place

  • Benefit from software that adapts with new industry regulations – saving you from the labour-intensive task of manually updating your spreadsheets

  • Eliminate double entry and reduce human error by dropping dwelling and tenure types straight into your appraisal from a centralised library and automating the reporting process

  • Reduce the workload and stress around providing financial viability evidence during audits - all the information you need is stored on one platform

  • Benefit from software that has been heavily tested by its developers and users

Development appraisal software enhanced by its users

We’re committed to making sure our community of ProVal users receive exceptional support - both when they start using our software, and on an ongoing basis. We know that software is nothing without its users. We value your input, and use customer feedback to improve our products and make sure they are the best they can be.

  • Get TAP certified training and support for all your users when you purchase ProVal

  • Access quick technical help. All our software is built in-house and our team is always on hand via phone, email or weblink, so you never have to wait long to get the support you need

  • Benefit from software enhanced by its users: over 1000 people use and test ProVal every day

  • Join our user group meeting events to discuss your experiences and submit feature requests

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