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Introduction and Policy-Writing for Shared Ownership Units

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Getting To Know Shared Ownership Sales

This is a hands on workshop giving a thorough grounding in the practical and technical aspects of shared ownership sales. It is designed to help organisations fast-track the development of their shared ownership sales and marketing capability.

Essential Skills

Essential for Development and Sales staff wishing to expand their skills. 


Often, other departments within the organisation are involved in the sales process. Therefore we would suggest that staff from Housing Management, PR, Right to Buy and any other related teams may like to attend.

Create your shared ownership policy

Your shared ownership policy is not just about who gets a home. There’s a cascade of consequential policy decisions that need to be made through the sales journey that will influence not only your procedures but possibly your development contracts.  This workshop provides the foundation for a comprehensive sales policy that will address everything the organisation needs including the prevailing regulatory requirements.

It will enable you to develop clear sales procedures to ensure a consistently good customer experience right through the entire sales process.


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