Selwood Housing

eLearning Case Study

Paul Walsh – Group Development Director

Selwood Housing is a Housing Association based in Wiltshire, Mendip, Bath and North East Somerset, providing almost 7,000 local and affordable homes. With a focus on understanding the community, Selwood Housing employs around 300 local people who understand the needs of customers and are passionate about helping them. As a vital part of their local housing market, Selwood Housing is committed to building 1,000 more affordable homes by 2026. Paul Walsh is the Group Development Director for Selwood Housing, organising a team of 10 people. He recently attended a SDS ProVal eLearning session. 


"I attended SDS Open eLearning training hosted by Becky in February, and was thoroughly impressed by the quality of the training offered. I had previously attended training with SDS, and these sessions are particularly good at delivering the key information in detail to show us the functionality of ProVal. In my experience, SDS always successfully delivers the content they have promised online, so we know what to expect. 


Becky didn’t just tell us the new information, though. She delivered an engaging set of training and made sure that we knew how to use the new information we were being given. These demonstrations were the best bits of this training and extremely helpful moving forward. 


Attending two hours of training for four weeks can feel like a big commitment at first. However, Becky knows her stuff and kept the training at a really good space throughout the four weeks. I would definitely recommend this eLearning training going forward, and I will most likely attend more in the future." 

Category: Housing Association


Attended eLearning: February 2022


Number of ProVal users: 8


Number of Sequel users: 0


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