Project-manage your development using cashflow, workflow, and people from the first appraisal to property handover.

  • Import unit type details from the appraisal

  • Create individual properties

  • Arrange properties in user defined folders/hierarchies 

  • Export/Import properties to/from Excel

  • Copy information across all properties or folders of properties

  • Provide property information for the entire organisation

  • Import workflow templates from user-defined library

  • Keep track of task starts, completions & reactivations

  • View cashflow budget, forecast and actual spend for each task

  • Check over/under spend for each task

  • See overall progress over time for your project

  • Use Office add-ins to link scheme documents to tasks

Project Management Software

Project-manage development workflow, cashflow and people from first appraisal to property handover.


Compare budgets and estimates with actual spend for accurate forecasting and monitor the performance and cost exposure of suppliers.



Data from your appraisal model is imported to create cashflows in Sequel.  This can be as a single cashflow or separate cashflows per tenure if required. Users can monitor in the cashflow the current Latest Estimate against the approved Budget and view live cashflow status when transactions are imported from the Finance System.  Tools within the cashflow allow for easy re-forecasting of the future expenses. Information on the Outturn Loan, NPV and Interest is displayed. 

A consolidated view of multiple cashflows within a project can be viewed with a simple view selection.


Workflow lists can be created and imported into each project from a user-defined library, which users can view and update to help keep track of when tasks should start and complete. Workflows make it easy to view progress for the projects. Links to documentation and supporting information can be created using the Office Add-in.



Information on Consultants, Contractors and other organisations involved with the project can be stored in this area.  Each organisation can be imported, and discrete information stored in the attributes record how they are performing on schemes.  Each organisation has a traffic light status so users can easily track key metrics eg. insurance dates are valid, contractors are within user-defined financial viability limits.  Users can also create and send documents/emails to contacts and input details of Purchase Orders which link to the Cashflows.


Unit data can be imported from the Appraisal into the Property section. Individual property attributes are updated with live scheme information. Users can arrange properties in folders/hierarchies to assist with managing attributes, as well as importing and exporting information from/to Excel.  Data from these attributes can also be exported to QL and Orchard housing management systems using our integration tools.



The Project page is used to monitor key aspects of your project using the built-in traffic lights.  Users can capture discrete information in the user-defined attributes (which can be tailored to each organisation within the system settings).  Detailed information can be stored within the notes system allowing links to documents and emails as well as online sources. Key project dates can be seen at a glance and timesheets can be used to track work completed.


Sequel is provided with pre-configured standard reporting. These reports are intended as examples of what is possible within Sequel and as you configure Sequel to match your requirements the reports may need amending to reflect the changes that you have made. This is touched on in training and the SDS Support team can provide guidance and quotes where necessary.

There are a number of options for additional reports:

  • We can train the relevant people from your organisation to write your own reports in SDS Report Designer

  • If you have a BI team or similar then they can write reports to run from applications such as MS Power BI

  • We can write bespoke reports for you.


How well are you managing your ongoing schemes?

Live scheme project monitoring

Imagine being able to have all of your project information, development cash flow, high-level workflows, audit trails and key property attributes delivered to your door on a regular basis.

We’ve been helping our clients manage their housing projects for the last 25 years. Our monitoring service will deliver financial reports and regular updates to your door so that you can stay on time and on the budget, keeping all stakeholders fully informed.

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Case Studies

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The London Borough of Hackney Council

Case Study

Project Overview
  • See all projects or just view your own (depending on settings)

  • See the status (by traffic lights) on all your projects at a glance

  • View all current and overdue project notes

  • View unbalanced cashflows and the percentage of variance 

  • View overdue and current tasks that require attention

  • Import the development cashflow from your appraisal

  • Import actual results from your accounting system

  • Forecast Future income and costs using a variety of tools

  • Track actual vs budgeted results

  • Export outturn appraisal

  • Integrates with SDS HomeMatch