Strategic Review of Development

When you’re taking on responsibility for delivering new homes, you need to know that your organisation truly has the resources to cope.

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Ensure you are ready to meet the task at hand

Our report will give you specific recommendations along with a clear indication of what’s possible and where you need to fill the gaps.

We will carry out a detailed assessment of precisely how well you are set up to deliver your housing programme. We’ll look at your existing development strategy, in-house resources, staff knowledge, experience and your current aspirations, delivering a clear view of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Key areas covered:

  • Organisational structure, regulation and governance

  • Evaluation and continuous improvement

  • Development strategy and policy

  • Project prioritisation and programming

  • Recruitment and policy maker guidance

  • Risk awareness and management

  • Development viability and appraisal parameters

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