Wokingham Housing

eLearning Case Study

Tracey Powell – Senior Development Officer

Wokingham Housing develops affordable housing and some market housing for Loddon Homes, Berry Brook Homes as well as developing affordable housing for Wokingham Council, the local authority for the borough of Wokingham in Berkshire. Within the Commercial Development team there are 5 people, in addition to the director, all of which are involved with the development projects.

Tracey Powell attended the Open eLearning ProVal Administration sessions and had Bespoke End User eLearning sessions for the rest of the team at Wokingham Housing.  Tracey had never attended any eLearning sessions before although had previously been using ProVal. 

“In the eLearning sessions with SDS I found that I learned a lot of new information I hadn’t quite grasped beforehand. I actually learnt a lot, but the main benefit to come from this training was that the course provided me with a new found confidence when using ProVal. The environment of the eLearning course made me feel comfortable asking for help when needed. The interactivity of the training sessions combined with Kat who was the presenter allowed the training to be a very interesting and engaging experience for me.

“Since the online training I have found that using the support that SDS provides is very helpful. Every time I’ve been in contact with the support or training teams it has always felt personal, which is a great achievement considering how many people use ProVal.  I was very impressed with the training and the content which was exactly what I needed. I’d be highly inclined to recommend the eLearning sessions to any colleagues as there is always something new to learn and I’d definitely attend another session again.”

Category: Housing Association


Attended eLearning: June 2020


Number of ProVal users: 4

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